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Review 026

We recently stayed overnight in the Annexe. The hosts were great – they were friendly and helpful.

When we got there, they introduced my nervous
girlfriend to the apatments in a really thoughtful way – they took us outside so
we entered  via the living area, then went into the bedroom, and then
ending in the playroom and toy room. Continue reading

Review 025

I never expect much. But this surpassed my

 In thisplace, we spent the beautiful five days.
First time, we want to thank the hosts for a gorgeous week.
The place is amazing. We felt like a home. Nice decoration, awesome bedroom and
the living room – is the best chill out zone what I ever saw.
The dungeon, there is saw. This place built real lover of bdsm. Continue reading

Review 024

The Annexe is a rather fine place, rather fine
It is discreetly hidden behind the least suspecting of houses with the most
ordinary of gates.
But the other side of gate is another world!
Greeted were we by a gallant gently fellow (our male host) who collected us from
the train station and delivered us to this place of wonder. Continue reading

Review 023

The time had finally come for Master and i to get
married. We wanted to go somewhere that was BDSM friendly but also dog
friendly. After much hunting we found this wonderful place in Weston
Super-mare. We planned to stay there for just under 3 weeks. Continue reading

Review 022

Ok, before I go anywhere with this… I’ve been
tasked with the responsibility of writing a diary/journal/review of our stay at
The Annexe, by my Owner (and Husband) mecklar.

So, where to start? We travelled from our home in
London, north to Birmingham to meet with the packs’ omegapup who drove us from
Birmingham to the rather quaint seaside town of Weston Super Mare. Continue reading

Review 021

Great few days

by Serveur about 1 month ago

Had a great few days (arrived Monday left Friday)
last week at the Annexe. the hosts were very welcoming and the
whole place was very comfortable – at least, apart from when it wasn’t meant to
be! Everything you would need in a home away from home was there, with the
added benefit of the playspace. Continue reading

Review 020

What wonderful hosts and what a beautiful coastal
area to visit, … but the rest was bloody Torture!! Far too much pain and
suffering if you ask me! For one thing how is a girl supposed to watch her
weight when faced with freshly baked and iced chocolate muffins on arrival and
more breakfast than its humanly possible to eat … Continue reading

Review 019

Don’t want to gild the lily, but last week was a
first time visit to The Annex, and I will be recommending it to anyone who will
listen. If there were any imperfections, I just couldn’t notice. The one thing
that stands out is the kitchen/lounge area, which surprisingly added to the
whole experience. A place to chill out, relax, and develop some bonding time
with someone new-ish. Continue reading

Review 018

I would like to take this opportunity to thank
our hosts for there fantastic hospitality. Thank you so very much.
My maid and I stayed at the Annexe for two nights, there was a plentiful supply
of various teas and coffees and the breakfasts were delicious.
The toy cupboard has a vast array of toys cuffs floggers hoods and pretty much
everything a kinky mind can dream of. Continue reading

Review 017

What a great place for a break!
Clean, well organised, imaginatively decorated, lots of bits to try out…
Feels safe and discreet. The warm and genuine hosts have created a lovely space
that encourages exploration and allows for some welcome escapism.
Thankyou both.

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