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Non-Disclosure Agreement

By visiting The Annexe website You agree to the following:-

1. You agree not to disclose to any third party, whether individual, company or other legal entity information. “Information” refers to any information which has commercial or personal value and is either (i) recording either analog or digital, inclusive of the taking or removing of pictures and/or recording whether covert or by consent, of The Annexe venue, website,  owners or other guests (ii) information relating to personal information of owners or guests at The Annexe, identification of guests, including without limitation names, addresses, contact information and any other information which is proprietary and confidential to The Annexe. 


2. Nondisclosure and Nonuse Obligations. You will maintain in confidence and will not disclose, disseminate or use any Information belonging to The Annexe, whether or not in written form, recorded digitally or otherwise or held or stored on any electronic device. 


3. Failure to abide by this agreement will render you subject to Civil Penalty including but not limited to: damages, injunctive relief, reporting to regulatory or professional bodies and a refusal of further stays at The Annexe.

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