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Review 033


As always a a great, comfortable  and relaxing break to enjoy the toys and enjoy

(Taken from our guest book)

Review 032


The hosts friendly and welcoming., Hosting the excellent home made chocolate cake and the huge range of toys made this one of the best birthdat weekends ever!

We had a blast

Thank you :)

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Review 031

MD and SD

Wonderful time!!

(Taken from our guest book)

Review 030

This place is a great venue to book for living out your kinky fantasies and fetishes as it is well equiped and spacious and is known as a kink friendly B & B because you can stay overnight for your kink experience but the food is of a far better quality than your average B & B. 

The place was suggested by my Mistress when i asked her permission to


Review 029

We took advantage of the out of season hourly rates and book to celebrate cj's birthday. I was mightily impressed with the layout and equipment (their toy cupboard is a sight to behold!)....didn't have time to try it all but will definitely use the bits we missed, on our next visit!
cj thoroughly enjoy getting to know the range....weg. and her first time on a fucking machine.


Review 028

My partner and I went away to here for our combined birthday weekend at the end of January and Oh dear Lord we are glad we did.

 We decided to treat ourselves further and ate with the hosts on the first night we so we had a bit extra time to recover from our journey from Wales and it was honestly the best thing we had eaten for ages.


Review 027

My sub and I spent a week at here in October (yes, I know, this review is quite late, but I keep getting distracted by other things) and I have to say it was the most enjoyable week I think we've spent anywhere

The place is well equipped, comfortable and in a lovely location. The hosts are perfect  and made us both feel at home during our stay.


Review 026

We recently stayed overnight in the Annexe. The hosts were great - they were friendly and helpful.

When we got there, they introduced my nervous girlfriend to the apatments in a really thoughtful way - they took us outside so we entered  via the living area, then went into the bedroom, and then ending in the playroom and toy room.


Review 025

I never expect much. But this surpassed my expectations.

 In thisplace, we spent the beautiful five days.
First time, we want to thank the hosts for a gorgeous week.
The place is amazing. We felt like a home. Nice decoration, awesome bedroom and the living room - is the best chill out zone what I ever saw.
The dungeon, there is saw. This place built real lover of bdsm.


Review 024

The Annexe is a rather fine place, rather fine indeed.
It is discreetly hidden behind the least suspecting of houses with the most ordinary of gates.
But the other side of gate is another world!
Greeted were we by a gallant gently fellow (our male host) who collected us from the train station and delivered us to this place of wonder.


Review 023

The time had finally come for Master and i to get married. We wanted to go somewhere that was BDSM friendly but also dog friendly. After much hunting we found this wonderful place in Weston Super-mare. We planned to stay there for just under 3 weeks.


Review 022

Ok, before I go anywhere with this... I've been tasked with the responsibility of writing a diary/journal/review of our stay at The Annexe, by my Owner (and Husband) mecklar.

So, where to start? We travelled from our home in London, north to Birmingham to meet with the packs' omegapup who drove us from Birmingham to the rather quaint seaside town of Weston Super Mare.


Review 021

Great few days

by Serveur about 1 month ago

Had a great few days (arrived Monday left Friday) last week at the Annexe. the hosts were very welcoming and the whole place was very comfortable - at least, apart from when it wasn't meant to be! Everything you would need in a home away from home was there, with the added benefit of the playspace.


Review 020

What wonderful hosts and what a beautiful coastal area to visit, ... but the rest was bloody Torture!! Far too much pain and suffering if you ask me! For one thing how is a girl supposed to watch her weight when faced with freshly baked and iced chocolate muffins on arrival and more breakfast than its humanly possible to eat ...


Review 019

Don't want to gild the lily, but last week was a first time visit to The Annex, and I will be recommending it to anyone who will listen. If there were any imperfections, I just couldn't notice. The one thing that stands out is the kitchen/lounge area, which surprisingly added to the whole experience. A place to chill out, relax, and develop some bonding time with someone new-ish.


Review 018

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our hosts for there fantastic hospitality. Thank you so very much.
My maid and I stayed at the Annexe for two nights, there was a plentiful supply of various teas and coffees and the breakfasts were delicious.
The toy cupboard has a vast array of toys cuffs floggers hoods and pretty much everything a kinky mind can dream of.


Review 017

What a great place for a break!
Clean, well organised, imaginatively decorated, lots of bits to try out...
Feels safe and discreet. The warm and genuine hosts have created a lovely space that encourages exploration and allows for some welcome escapism.
Thankyou both.

Review 016

Big thanks to our hosts  for a most excellent two day stay at The Annexe.

As relative newbies, this was the perfect setup for my play partner and I to take our time and really 'go to town' with a lot of activities we've always wanted to try out.


Review 015

well we are back down to earth with a bump after today coming home from the Annex.
it was our first time doing anything like this so we didnt really know what to expect. all i can say is it was amazing. the rooms were clean and inviting and the pictures of the play room and toy cupboard do not do it justice.


Review 014

Returned to The Annexe once again last week. We always receive such a genuine and warm welcome and had a bit more of an opportunity this time to use some of the superb playroom equipment due to the longer duration of our stay. Thanks once again to the hosts, we'll be back. You know your place is addictive don't you? ;)

Review 013

My partner and I have just returned, happy but physically drained and emotionally exhausted, from a long weekend at The Annexe.

As we are comparatively new to the scene, a weekend away was a big deal for both of us. We'd looked around a bit, listened to our friends, and finally followed our nose and our instincts down to The Annexe.

What an inspired choice.


Review 012

Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said, just this really, that I found myself with unexpected time off and rang up to ask for a tour to view facilities for a possible future visit.


Review 011

If you are looking for a private play-space in which to enjoy your kink then W/we heartily recommend The Annexe.
Your hosts, are friendly and welcoming and you feel that nothing is too much bother.


Review 010

I had a great time at The Annexe on Friday night. It's a wonderful place.

First, the non-kink bit: As a B&B, it is superb. The hosts were really friendly and welcoming. The Annexe has plenty of nice touches that you'd normally only expect in a luxury hotel. There are biscuits and fudge provided.


Review 009

This was my partner and I's first experience of a dedicated bdsm play space and it was an awesome experience all round. The hosts were lovely and couldn't have been more helpful, greeting us when we arrived and introducing us to our home from home for the weekend (we stayed Friday afternoon - Monday morning), giving us a short tour of the play space and the everyday facilities.


Review 008

We were fortunate enough to win a free night at The Annexe. I had read about it on here and it sounded great, so we had been planning to stay there at some point anyway to check the place out for ourselves.
I have to say it not only lived up to expectations, but indeed exceeded them.


Review 007

Annexe visit and Mistress
I am very new to the scene and had been talking a Mistress for a long time. She has always been very supportive of me (as a very shy sub) and I had longed to meet up finally and get to chat to her face to face.


Review 006

After spending and experiencing an Extraordinary day/evening/night at The Annexe aka/or Bondage by the Sea , self-contained accommodation, I completely agree with all the lovely things people have said in the above reviews … I especially like and agree with what my Dom said – “This place has Soul”.


Review 005

Right, there are already several reviews on the annex, they so far outline the size the equipment, how many gimps can a gimp cage of gimps hold etc etc, however I am going to keep this simple and short.

The annex is a three room self contained bungalow type affair built onto the side of house near weston super mare, in this you are guaranteed privacy.


Review 004

I today had the pleasure of a tour of the annexe and what can I say?. One word really.....WOW.
This is run by two fantastic people whom I met for the first time t

The whole annexe is so homely warm welcoming and so well furnished with everything you could possibly need.
Its location is fantastic really safe and secure. with I think every taste catered for.


Review 003

Thank you for a great day :o)

by subsoda

Master G and myself spent a few hours at here today and it was bloody fantastic.

Firstly there was a parking space on the drive so no running about trying to find somewhere to put the car and having to carry strange looking items into the building from the street...


Review 002

I have had the pleasure of having visited this place twice this week and I can only say how welcome I was made at all times and nothing was too much trouble. The kitchen was well supplied with tea bags and also loose tea and fruit tea bags.


Review 001

Miss and I had been looking for somewhere to get some quality time together but we were struggling with locations, costs and dates. Then chance to stay at here came up and I was lucky enough to be granted this time with Miss.

We contacted the owners and agreed a date and we booked a single night, we were both very much looking forward to this.