The Annexe

adult holidays by the sea

Review 025

I never expect much. But this surpassed my expectations. In an Annaxe, we spent the beautiful five days.
First time, we want to thank Master Phil and Morgan for gorgeous week.
The place is amazing. We felt like a home. Nice decoration, awesome bedroom and the living room - is the best chill out zone what I ever saw.
The dungeon, there is saw. This place built real lover of bdsm.
On the dungeon is seen, that it built by true bdsm lovers.
All equipment is perfect and 100% function. Everything is possible, I can't imagine, somebody will not find what they looking for.
If someone needs to shut down, really switch off. This is the right place.
After five days in Annexe, we felt like new couple.
We are ready to come back for new exciting experiences.

MStriha and Kevina