The Annexe

adult holidays by the sea

Review 022

Ok, before I go anywhere with this... I've been tasked with the responsibility of writing a diary/journal/review of our stay at The Annexe, run by MasterPhil_UK and morgan_MP by my Owner (and Husband) mecklar.

So, where to start? We travelled from our home in London, north to Birmingham to meet with the packs' omegapup who drove us from Birmingham to the rather quaint seaside town of Burnham-On-Sea. Upon finding the venue and walking through the "front door" to the Annexe (Bear in mind that it IS an Annexe to a house, we were not only given the grand tour of the Annexe (Toyroom, Playroom, Bedroom, Living space) but we were supplied with breakfast goods for the next few days and enough tea and coffee making materials to almost keep the entire British Empire happy! In addition, there were homemade cakes waiting for us!

Master Phil took our Owner on a little guided tour of the Toyroom and told him not to hesitate to ask for anything, whether it was in locating something, or to be shown the usage of a toy or piece of furniture. morgan was keeping the pups entertained with little stories and information and of course being just truly lovely.

We spent a long weekend there, and whilst we didn't spend all the time playing in that wonderful playroom, we had an amazing time. Aside from discovering Burnham-On-Sea's smallest pier in the world, we kicked back and truly relaxed over those few days. I feel I got closer to my pup brother, and I also found that after being hooded and trussed to a St.Andrews Cross, he's quite the switch! (My poor testicles have only just recovered after his delicious attention to them!)

Master Phil and morgan are two truly beautiful people, inside and out. They made us want for nothing, were available at anytime and are both amazing mentors. To cap it all off, aside from us all feeling that we didn't want to leave... morgan truly makes a formidable breakfast, and some of the most amazing fudge!

If you need/want a break away from everything with a kinky twist, then I can only implore that you make plans to visit the Annexe as soon as you can. We're already trying to plan our return!