The Annexe

adult holidays by the sea

Review 001

Miss and I had been looking for somewhere to get some quality time together but we were struggling with locations, costs and dates. Then chance to stay at The Annexe came up and I was lucky enough to be granted this time with Miss.

We contacted the owners and agreed a date and we booked a single night, we were both very much looking forward to this.

For those who don't know, The Annexe is situated within reasonable walking distance to the sea front and consists of 5 rooms;

A bedroom with a huge very comfortable bed, the chest of draws provides adequate storage for your clothes.

An on-suite bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. The shower is a nice strong shower, so you can be sure of a nice massage to relieve any aching muscles!.

A lounge with comfortable two seater sofa, TV, CD player and fold out table. The kitchenette is at one end of the lounger and comes complete with cooker, fridge, microwave, kettle toaster and all the eating/cooking implements you could wish for. We were also provided with a jug of fresh milk and numerous flavour teas and types of coffee. There's a fold out table with four chairs for when you want to eat.

There's the main 'play room' which is very well equipped, with a sturdy St Andrews cross, and a number of benches which can be used standalone or together in various combinations giving a superb range of furniture to experiment with. There's also a number of points fixed to the ceiling for hanging, more than strong enough to take the weight of a sub. This room also comes with a rack with a number of toys on, from crops to floggers, paddles, gags, padlocks, canes and more. plenty of variety for everyone! A portable iPod docking station is also available, so you can have your chosen music to help set the scene. The available equipment was varied and of an impressive quality and the toys were also extensive and very well displayed. Cleaning spray and other essential provisions were also provided.

Finally there's a toy room, There's a refundable deposit to pay for this and I have to say it's well worth it. There is a huge range of extra toys including some very specialised items like e-stim, straight jacket and an amazing array of floggers matched only the stunning range of handcuffs/shackles. Miss says that choosing the toy cupboard access option is definitely a dominants heaven!

All the rooms have a variety of lighting options, from fairy lights (my favourite), various lamps, tea-lights and candles to full normal room lighting, so you can set the mood as you desire.

The atmosphere is very different to other venues I've been too, it's warm, inviting, friendly and feels 'safe'. There's nothing seedy or sordid about this place, it's wonderful and very relaxing from the moment you enter. Above all, all the rooms smell clean, look clean are well kept and tidy.

All this is accessible through your own front door, so you can come and go as you please.

For me this is what makes this different from many other venues, you can stay here, for a holiday and indulge your 'kink' when you see fit.

The Annexe has full cooking facilities should you wish to do your own thing, but they also offer evening meals and breakfasts.
Now Miss and I have special diets, Miss is vegetarian and I'm lactose intolerant (nothing milk based), we spoke with the Annex about this and they said it would be fine, so we decided to put them to the test. We ordered an evening meal and a medium sized breakfast for us both.

When we arrived (late afternoon) we met the owners, Master Phil and morgan, who are warm and friendly people. We were shown around the rooms and they went to great lengths to explain where everything was and how things work.
We also found a complimentary basket of chocolates and cookies waiting for us, a wonderful personal touch, and yes they were safe for both Miss and I to eat and enjoy.
The chocolates were divine, Miss and I both love chocolates and these were some of the best I have tasted in my life. The cookies were also exceptional, chocolate chip (dairy free) and were a delight to eat (the first chocolate chip cookies I've had since being diagnosed with lactose intolerance).

The evening meal was beautifully cooked and consisted of three courses, all of which were stunning, and our dietary needs were adequately met. The food tasted fresh, wholesome and was a joy to eat.

I won't go into what Miss and I did, but I will say we enjoyed the majority of the bondage furniture and a large selection of toys from both the regular play room and the optional 'toy cupboard'. All the equipment was well looked after and clean, I never once picked up something and thought "oew" as I have done in other places.

Neither Miss nor I slept much as we played late into the next morning (I think we admitted defeat around 5:30AM) and this is another great point to keep in mind, because the annexe is private, and isolated, you won't wake anyone up with the various sounds that can emanate from a BDSM venue, neither will anyone wake you (trust me, we tested this, I have the marks to prove it!).

From a Dom's point of view (words courtesy of Miss);

The ambience of all the rooms was outstanding and very conducive to enjoying time with a sub."

The heating was not compromised and stayed warm through out the entire night and this could be adjusted to suit personal needs in each room.

The playroom was very well thought out and with the little details that matter to make it comfortable, for example a moveable toy table with space with cosy blankets.

Breakfast was served at the agreed time and my "medium" breakfast was enormous! consisting of; 2 bacon, 2 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 slices of fried bread, mushrooms, tomatoes, black pudding, a glass of fruit juice and two slices of toast! Miss' breakfast was just the same, though vegetarian sausages, vegetarian bacon and so on, morgan had gone to great lengths with this breakfast and it showed. The food was again, outstanding; with perfectly cooked eggs and bacon, and all the food was hot.

Both Miss and I were very sad to leave when time came to say goodbye to our gracious hosts and The Annexe will always hold a special place in our hearts and minds. It's worth saying that our hosts were extremely knowledgeable in the lifestyle and this really does help put your mind at ease.

so if you're looking for a holiday with a chance to have a bit 'kinky play' whilst you're there, or you just want an all night session with your BDSM partner, The Annexe is just the place for you!

One final comment; Will Miss and I be back? hell yes! and soon as we can!

MC and pw