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Review 030

This place is a great venue to book for living out your kinky fantasies and fetishes as it is well equiped and spacious and is known as a kink friendly B & B because you can stay overnight for your kink experience but the food is of a far better quality than your average B & B. 

The place was suggested by my Mistress when i asked her permission to take her out to dinner…on me of course, and it was a fantastic idea because we dined in a cosy room with a lovely oval table and watched as the sun set over Weston,  shining through the french window, on the table the candles set complete a wonderful relaxed ambience which was only topped by the sheer stunning beauty that was Mistress gazing at me from the opposite side of the table. 

Here you get privacy, you decide when you are ready for your food by ringing the bell, Mistress summoned me to kneel beside her as she sat in her chair, she spoke down to me and toyed with my mind and played for a while…you can’t do that in a restaurant!!! 

When she was ready she rang for our starter, for our starter we had Gnudi which was fantastic ( and i actually thought it was the main course because of its generous size ) that was accompanied by a generous portion of garlic bread too, every course was a hearty dish.

 We had pasta bolognais for main which had delicious seasonings and a huge side salad ( for two ) that included goats cheese, olives and tomatoes. But the deserts were truly amazing…to die for and we were served two each and the portion sizes were just right. We had home made chocolate ice cream with a dark rich chocolate sause also homemade and cream, the other desert was a moose on a pastry base with raspberries and cream…again all home made. everything. The presentation was very professional. To finish Mistress and I had the room to ourselves where we stayed for quite some time, we weren’t being ushered out the door at all. the bill was reasonably priced too. 

What a great evening.

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