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Review 028

My partner and I went away to here for our combined birthday weekend at the end of January and Oh dear Lord we are glad we did.

 We decided to treat ourselves further and ate with the hosts on the first night we so we had a bit extra time to recover from our journey from Wales and it was honestly the best thing we had eaten for ages.

 We chose the gnocchi for starters, chicken in white wine sauce with pasta for main and the Mississippi Mud Pie for pudding and I could quite happily have eaten that every night we were there with no problems. The gnocchi were beautifully moist, the cheesy sauce covering them was perfect and the salad catered perfectly to mine and my partners weird salad oddities. 

The chicken in white sauce was absolutely amazing and I could quite happily have sat and eaten the entire pot but unfortunately I had to share and I couldn’t have actually physically eaten much more. The pasta was homemade and although the sub host wasn’t happy with the way it had turned out we all found it quite edible and lovely. The Mississippi mud pie was utterly gorgeous , it was a little runnier than the sub host would have liked but to us it was perfect, mud is meant to be runny lol. It was promptly renamed Mississippi Chocolate Splodge and we all ate as much as we could 🙂

After dinner my partner and I retired to the apartment for a wee rest and some TV in the lounge area before moving onto the Dungeon to Play. Well that was the plan, we were so full of food and warm and cosy that we actually started dropping off in front of the box so we ended up just going to bed early and watching TV instead. The bed is really comfy btw, well worth the money for that alone.

The next day we got up late, pootled around with the hosts for a bit and had a late breakfast in the aparment. And then we moved into the dungeon area…there is so much choice in there we literally didn’t know where to start so we started with what we knew and went on from there 😀 

Overall we had a great weekend, ate far too much and slept far too little. We will definitely be going again as soon as we can. Thank you very much to the hosts for allowing us to celebrate our birthdays in style. We love our pressie very much and can’t wait until we get time together again to use it 😀 I’ll let him heal from the weekend first though lol.
Liz-Zee and Bb.

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