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Review 024

The Annexe is a rather fine place, rather fine indeed.
It is discreetly hidden behind the least suspecting of houses with the most ordinary of gates.
But the other side of gate is another world!
Greeted were we by a gallant gently fellow (our male host) who collected us from the train station and delivered us to this place of wonder.
On entering the door we met the lady host of the house  who truly a lady escorted us through her delicate and impeccably decorated palace of passion and pain.
When left to our own devices we contemplated DiC’s.
Devilish and rich on top, a light and indulgent inside.
These truly were DiC’s!
The playroom was ominous but delightful, the bedroom was an elegant boudoir, but if you don’t fancy the bed..
You can always sleep in the cage!
Our hosts were delightful, caring and kind and loving, their service impeccable.
The Annexe itself is special, a path to adventures unknown,
In this dungeon of love your mind can be blown.
Poor poetry aside, the hosts were and are fantastic, there is truly something special inside those rooms and it is far more than wood and chains.
When going to the Annexe I recommend taking the opportunity to have a meal cooked the lady of the house, her food is grand yet homely, her desserts are ingenious.
Above all if you get the chance to spend time with either of your wonderful hosts, embrace it.
For to find two people as genuine and wise as they are, is rare so treasure it.
One more thing, stick your tongue in into her DiC’s.

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