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Review 016

Big thanks to our hosts  for a most excellent two day stay at The Annexe.

As relative newbies, this was the perfect setup for my play partner and I to take our time and really ‘go to town’ with a lot of activities we’ve always wanted to try out. The Annexe is stocked with a PHENOMENAL range of toys, restraints, fixtures and dunegon equipment – this is a place where YOU WILL NOT get bored!!

As mentioned above, this truly is a self-contained, incredibly discreet holiday home – maintained to a very high standard. The decor and ambience is very elegant, and in no way ‘seedy’. A lot of thought has gone into creating the experience, even down to little details such as having fixtures to use restraints in the bedroom as well.

If you are younger / less experienced in the scene, this is the perfect environment to explore your kinks and enjoy the escapism; away from the daily grind of modern life.

A two day extravaganza of debauchery, we absolutely loved it.

Will visit again!!

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