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Review 011

If you are looking for a private play-space in which to enjoy your kink then W/we heartily recommend The Annexe.
Your hosts, are friendly and welcoming and you feel that nothing is too much bother. W/we had booked for the weekend and after being given a comprehensive tour of the property we were left to enjoy O/ourselves (and the homemade cookies and chocolates); until O/our evening meal was ready, which the hosts would let us know by ringing a bell. W/we had the option of eating alone in the very comfortable kitchen/diner/lounge where i could serve Sir myself or of joining O/our hosts in their own kitchen. W/we opted for the latter and enjoyed an excellent meal, catered to comply with O/our dietary requirements, made even better by the good company. The hosts were complete strangers but they made U/us feel completely at ease and the conversation flowed.
On retiring to The Annexe, W/we were assured that W/we would have complete privacy, the communicating door between the two properties being locked but with the assurance that if W/we needed anything then W/we were not to hesitate to knock and if there was an emergency then pressing the bell in the playroom would bring them running.
The playroom is well stocked with furniture and a range of toys, which can be augmented with items from the well-stocked toy room. The room is warm, with adjustable lighting and a music system, and there is a lovely soft blanket for aftercare if needed. W/we had brought O/our own favourite toys but Sir took the opportunity throughout the weekend to try out some which were new to U/us and He certainly came away with some ideas for the future.
The bedroom, with en-suite shower-room, is next to the playroom and like the rest of the property is clean, warm and comfortable (if fact W/we had to turn the heating down – something i didn’t expect to have to do in England in March!).The bondage bed is very comfortable and Sir made good use of the restraining points.
At the rear of the property is the kitchen/lounge/diner which overlooks a pleasant garden. The kitchen is well stocked, with a plentiful supply of various types of teas, coffees and chocolate. Sir assures me that the sofa is very comfortable and if you just want to chill-out there are a range of books, a TV and CD/radio.
O/our host’s assurance of complete privacy was fully realised and W/we only heard or saw anyone when W/we took a pleasant walk into the town on Saturday morning.
When W/we reluctantly left on Sunday afternoon, W/we did so with our host’s warm farewells ringing in our ears and the assurance of a warm welcome when W/we return – something that W/we fully intend to do.
A comfortable, well equipped, lifestyle-friendly get-away that is excellent value for money. What more could any-one ask for?
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