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Review 007

Annexe visit and Mistress
I am very new to the scene and had been talking a Mistress for a long time. She has always been very supportive of me (as a very shy sub) and I had longed to meet up finally and get to chat to her face to face.
The arrangement was to meet for tea and cake at the Annexe, a small B & B perfect for scene people to relax and if they chose to play for a little bit.
To say the weather was bad that day was an understatement and together with my nerves made the journey that more treacherous but I made it to the location where I was to pick up said Mistress in good time.
A freak burst of weather nearly ruined everything but Mistress made it to the meeting place albeit it a bit wet (I apologise again here Mistress) and I received a wonderfully warm hug which put me instantly at more ease. Even after being hit by the weather Mistress looked stunning,
We drove to the Annexe B & B which just looks like any ordinary house and we were greeted by the Annexe owner  who was incredibly friendly and a pleasant host. She showed us the way to the day room where we were to chat and after Mistress dried off we had a nice cup of tea followed by some cheesecake kindly made for us .
Mistress and I then had a lovely chat about many things, her constant touch and hugs made me feel very comfortable and safe. So much so that before I knew it I was totally under her wing and using the specially made play room for her enjoyment. I felt very safe and happy. It was a great first insight into the world and I owe that all to Mistress.
Her touch and eyes and incredibly elegant body make her a very special person.
Before I knew it it was time to go, we said our goodbyes to our host and then to each other. A very worthwhile trip made, thank you for your hospitality and of course a very special Mistress 🙂

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