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Review 006

After spending and experiencing an Extraordinary day/evening/night at The Annexe aka/or Bondage by the Sea , self-contained accommodation, I completely agree with all the lovely things people have said in the above reviews … I especially like and agree with what my Dom said – “This place has Soul”.

That just about sums it up for me and I’m sure also for J (who whisked me away to The Annexe on Saturday 25th January ’14, thank you Sir xxx) too, but I would like to add a few more points to my review.

The Annexe is run by a delightful couple of people  who, I know, would bend over backwards to accommodate their guests!

The female host is an absolutely superb cook and the food that we were given during our visit was among the best quality and taste that Jack or I have ever had, it was also among the largest quantity we have ever experienced ! her Master is The/A Fount of knowledge whish he is lovingly and willing to share with fellow fellows. Thank you both so much for your company and care during our stay.

The toy cupboard is… FULL of top quality toys (and other things, like wigs, outfits, fluff, fur and funky stuff!)

The temperature is set at ‘Very Warm’ throughout The Annexe yet this is easily controlled by the ‘in-house’ thermostat control on each radiator or heater. The spacious and as stated above, well equipped play room has an extra heater which wasn’t even needed during our afternoon, evening, and late evening play sessions.

Two other points well worth highlighting about the playroom are that you don’t have to worry about any noises coming from the Dom, or the sub, implement impact or the music coming from the dock for your i device! … And, you don’t have to worry about getting assistance with anything if you should need it – there is an Alarm Button situated in the playroom which will alert someone 24/7.

All in all, I and We (Jack6719 and i) can’t recommend this holiday/break experience enough – the whole thing, from beginning to end is something we will treasure forever. It was a special occasion for us and the hosts made it all the more special and memorable with their kindness and thoughtfulness. But, ultimately, I want to say a massive thank you to my Jack X
Thank you both, very best wishes and see you soon,
Love from Jack x and ms six xxxxxx

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