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Review 005

Right, there are already several reviews on the annex, they so far outline the size the equipment, how many gimps can a gimp cage of gimps hold etc etc, however I am going to keep this simple and short.

The annex is a three room self contained bungalow type affair built onto the side of house near weston super mare, in this you are guaranteed privacy. The play room is of a good size to do the following:
Swing a flogger
Tie up a cute woman in any position you want, including suspended from a ceiling, seated, in a cage or upside down.
Ravish said cute woman until she is so spacey she cannot “make you a sandwich”
Place cute woman in cage afterwards for post naughty nap time.
The play room is exceptionally well laid out and clean to the point where you could do surgery in it (not recommended..lots of mess, quite a lot of screaming). The cleanliness and well laid out part is a theme that continues in the rest of the property.

Moving along we have the bedroom. This comprises of a double bed (shock horror) with a sturdy wooden frame around it..also, shockingly, this bed has attachment points for all your kinky needs. There is a chest of draws, soap, towels, and is calmly lit with LED lights, or candles, or the celing light as you choose. Their is also a toilet with a shower of sufficient size for two….you know..share water save the planet etc 😉

Lastly, the kitchen..tea coffee…TV..chocolate cake..Bacon cooking device..the normal. Their is a book shelf with a wide selection of instructional literature on rope work and safety, with some BDSM fiction on the shelf. There is chocolate cake….

Finally, and most importantly, This place is run by a couple who live and breathe for this. The hosts have run BDSM events for the last..well…god knows, decades. Not only have they run these things but they care about these things, They help, and they guide. Whatever your kink, as long as it is consensual, these people will provide a place for you to express that. This isn’t some hollow business doing kink for a bit of money on the side, this is a couple who want to share, to educate and to help, this place has soul.

Just go, for an hour, a day or a week. Go along and explore.

BDSM and access to bacon..their is nothing finer in life.


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