adult holidays

Review 003

Thank you for a great day :o)

by subsoda

Master G and myself spent a few hours at here today and it was bloody fantastic.

Firstly there was a parking space on the drive so no running about trying to find somewhere to put the car and having to carry strange looking items into the building from the street…

The hosts greeted us and gave us a tour and made sure we had everything we needed before they left us (with instructions that if we did need something to knock on their door and ask for it)….. Although I think the Dom host was not thinking clearly when he went as he left his long black leather coated cane behind and Master G took no time at all to demonstrate on my behind just how much it would hurt if I did not follow his instructions to the letter (it leaves bruises!!!) but it did help me to focus!!!

The play room itself is not huge but it was more than big enough for us……..

5 pieces of quality furniture are in the dungeon area including Benches and a St Andrews Cross also there is a suspension point on the ceiling with a bar and chains as well as very heavy wrist ankle cuffs and collar secured to the wall just above the skirting board (but managed to distract Sir so I did not end up In them)…. Also a selection of cuffs and hitty things on the wall just in case the things you have with you don’t hurt enough!!!

The room was lit with candles and dimmed lighting and felt very Dungony (is that a word?) if not it sum’s up how it felt in there…. We had the option of music which was nice to have in the background….

The rest was really well put together a small bathroom with a power shower a lovely double bed and then through to a fully equipped kitchen (including full size cooker for when doing Domestic Goddess play and baking cakes) alongside a kettle toaster microwave (all in purple) and a fridge….. In fact you could spend time chained to the kitchen sink if that floats your house slave boat!!!!

Also in the kitchen area is a sofa and a dinning room table and 4 chairs (one of those clever fold down ones with the chairs inside) and above it a flat screen TV…. Of course the decor and furniture is beautiful throughout but the most important item in the room is the hand bell so your Master / Mistress does not have to make the effort to speak to you when you are at the sink and can just ring for your devoted attention :o)

We will be going back on a regular basis and are looking forward to spending a night there very soon (some good golf clubs nearby as well) it is a wonderful place to have a bit of TPE which is not easy in a normal hotel as the staff tend to look at you strangely when they hear odd noises coming from your room and eating breakfast on your knees next to your Master in the morning is totally inappropriate!!!! Here I can shove a couple of wheetabix in a bowl and splash some milk on them and serve him his breakfast any way he wants me to (and with my lack of Domestic Goddess skills that will probably be best served on me)…..

I could happily spend a week here lots to do nearby with Weston sea front only a  walk away and best of all the complimentary homemade fudge and cookies are worth a trip just to eat them…..

Finally the cost of a trip to the Annex put Master G in a very good mood before we got there (which is a huge plus for me) very reasonable and worth every penny :o)


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