The Annexe

Good Fun

What wonderful hosts and what a beautiful coastal area to visit, … but the rest was bloody Torture!! Far too much pain and suffering if you ask me! For one thing how is a girl supposed to watch her weight when faced with freshly baked and iced chocolate muffins on arrival and more breakfast than its humanly possible to eat … and don’t even get me started on the abundance and wealth of equipment, devices, and stingy, thuddy, pokey, scratchy things adorning the walls and shelves of the ‘speacial’ walk in cupboard. The equipment was far too sturdy to be chained to and hung from so as to make escape impossible and definately too many ways for Sir to choose to be mean and cruel! There was everything and anything anyone could possibly want for all sorts of fantasies – I didn’t like it at all! Not at all!

When have you got some spaces to book again please?

Winter Special!!
Do you get the after Christmas blues? Well here is an offer you cannot refuse. We would like to offer all our guests, both new and old a 20% New Years discount! (This supersedes all other offers during this time) This starts on January 1st 2020 and finishes March 31st 2020 It is on all prices and lengths of stays This is popular so we are asking for 50% deposit to ensure your booking. It is done on a first come first deposit paid basis. Book your time with us now!